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Drop Axle

Drop Axle

K HitcH have a comprehensive range of axles for all your transporting needs.

Drop Centre Axle

  • Specifically designed to suit auxillary pusher suspension applications
  • Available in 6” and 9” drops to suit chassis widths up to 34”
  • Available in drum brake 16.5 x 7 brake configuration and disc brake and 1820mm and 1850mm track
  • Subject to specification and application suitability

Drop centre axles are ideally suited to applications such as rigid body trucks, where the auxillary axle needs to be positioned in front of the drive axle. this allows 4 x 2 trucks to be converted to 6 x 2 within existing wheelbase design, with the drop range capable of not only clearing drive shafts but also allowing for the axle to be fitted to auxillary lift suspensions. it is very important that a number of factors are considered when using pusher axles and FUWA K Hitch has the capabilities to look at each specific requirement individually in order to create a suitable solution.

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