VLD Weweler has now released its new range of modular Bolt-on® solutions (MBS) into the Australian market, including the new MBS Air Suspension with optional Bolt-on® Axle Lift, hanger bracket and bracing. available exclusively through its Australian distributor FUWA K-hitch, this suspension features less components for optimum durability and trouble-free maintenance.

In March 2011, Trailer Magazine was given the opportunity to cast a glance behind the scenes of Fuwa’s 180,000m2 plant in Shunde Guangdong and the much talked about ‘FHI Industrial Park’ in Taishan.

“Fuwa has nothing to hide,” says Chris Barrett, National Sales Manager of Fuwa K-Hitch, the corporation’s Australian division. “We provide a good, honest product, and we want people to forge an opinion.” Therefore, Fuwa K-Hitch invited a group of Australian industry connoisseurs to Asia, providing a first hand experience of the Chinese production facilities.