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Studying can-do-ology

Combining the global manufacturing strength of Chinese corporation FUWA and local Australian expertise, FUWA K-Hitch has become a leading supplier of trailing equipment to the Australian transport industry. and the story of success has only just begun.

Starting off supplying components to the Western Australian mining and transport sector, Fuwa K-Hitch has become one of the industry’s most striving brands. Around Australia, the company now added almost 6000 m2 of office and warehousing space to manage the ever-growing workflow. “The reason for the expansion over all areas of the business is simple,” says Chris Barrett, National Sales Manager of Fuwa K-Hitch. “We had to meet the requirements of our current clientele, but also set up the infrastructure to keep growing and continue servicing all of our market sectors.”

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Despite the notable investment, the expansion is no outright battle call. “This is not a chest beating exercise as we generally keep quietly going about our business,” says Chris. “The way we do business is summed up in what we consider a measured and steady approach. We constantly try to improve the service we provide to our customers.” Nonetheless, the mere figures sound impressive. In Melbourne alone, Fuwa added 2000m2 of warehouse space, 1400m2 of undercover hardstand for loading and storage as well as a new, 120m2 showroom and training facility. The sales and customer service personal in Melbourne comprises five people who service Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

In Brisbane, meanwhile, Fuwa is about to almost double the space of the existing facility, growing from 650m2 to in excess of 1,000m2 in 2011/2012. At the moment, two people cover sales and customer service in Brisbane, servicing Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Papua New Guinea. “In addition to this, we will incorporate a production facility in Brisbane and increase our sales and warehouse force to meet an increasing growth in this market,” says Chris.

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In Perth, Fuwa has already added about 1300m2 of warehouse and production space, growing to a size of 3,000m2. “To service WA and the Northern Territory, we can draw back on three dedicated sales and customer service people in Perth,” says Chris, indicating that the mining boom will also affect the Fuwa K-Hitch branch in WA. “Especially in Perth plans are to continue increasing our manufacturing and sales team with additions expected in the next couple of months,” he says.

But, he does not tire of stressing that Fuwa’s growth is not an end in itself. “Quite simply, we would not have to undergone these changes if it was not for the acceptance and on-going support of our customers. FKH owes everything to them and cannot thank them enough.”

According to Chris, both Fuwa K-Hitch and the Chinese parent company, Fuwa, share the same philosophy. “We pour everything back into the business to insure we can service our customer’s loyalty in the future,” he explains. “We have come a fair way in a relatively short timeframe on the back of our industry embracing and welcoming change and options, but in a lot of ways we are still in our infancy.”

In the competitive environment that is the Australian transport industry, the young company has already caused a stir and is aiming high. “It is no secret that we want to be the best, not simply a big player,” Chris announces. “Provided we never take our eye of the ball, and with on-going persistence, a can-do attitude or what I call can-do-ology, and remembering that it is our clientele that will prove our success; I am confident we will achieve our plans.”

At the moment, Fuwa’s immediate plans are to continue to increase and refine
its product range. After all, even future industry icons have to take one step at a time. “The current expansion will increase our abilities to meet our customers requirements from both a supply and service perspective. As a result, we will be able to add value to your business and improve your bottom line results,” says Chris. And by the sound of his voice, there is no doubt that Fuwa will do all that is required to achieve this goal.