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Fuwa K Hitch grows into the future

Fuwa K Hitch Australia is pleased to include the Weweler Nederland bv range of suspensions as a welcome addition to its already vast product offerings.

The Weweler suspensions have been deliberately chosen to complement Fuwa’s current series of fabricated air suspensions, so as to provide Fuwa K Hitch and its customers with what it believes will be the most comprehensive range of air suspension products on the market.


“The Australian environment is unique and very demanding and as such, there is room for both types of suspensions in the market. We believe we now have the ability to work even closer with our customers, to develop specific solutions for every requirement and environment,” says Fuwa K Hitch National Sales Manager Chris Barrett.

“As I see it, why wouldn’t Fuwa K Hitch jump at the opportunity to join a world leader in trailer and truck suspension manufacturing? Weweler represents truly innovative and market-leading manufacturing of trailing spring and air suspension technology.

“I am very excited about exploring and making these suspensions and axles available to the market, as in most cases they have been specifically designed and manufactured in conjunction with a number of OEMs to complement their existing trailer and truck range,” adds Chris.

Fuwa K Hitch now has a complete series of 9, 11 and 13 tonne air suspensions to match one of the most extensive axle ranges in Australia – from standard tapered and parallel bearing drum brake configuration, right through to long life, low maintenance, unitised bearing technology designed for both disc and drum brake applications.

Features of the air suspensions include:

  • single and twin parabolic spring leaves with thickness configured to spring rating
  • alignment or non-alignment hanger facilities tapered at the top for greater flexibility in chassis and spring centre mounting
  • air bag diameters to suit a variety of ratings and applications
  • in-built stroke limitation negates the need for shock straps.

As well, suspension gusseting and bracing has been made easier and delivers greater strength by using the optional cast-mounting bracket fixed to the pivot bolt. This allows the gusset to be attached easily in the centre of the hanger where it is best placed to absorb flexing, while also facilitating clean and easy welding.

The Fuwa K Hitch family of 9 tonne suspensions ensures complete coverage for on-road general purpose trailers, tankers, tippers, refrigerated and stock trailers. Its 11 and 13 tonne models extend this protection to the toughest off-road Australian conditions as well.

Long-term line-up

In the coming months, Fuwa K Hitch will also be unveiling a completely new generation of axles, to follow on the trail of its recently released extreme-duty
off-road axle. This axle has been designed to suit Australian conditions, with a 150 mm square forged one-piece beam combined with a 12 tonne rated unitised
or cartridge bearing.

Other models to come on-line in the not too distant future include a new on-highway unitised bearing range that boasts a reduced tare weight advantage over the current unitised range, while still offering the popular FKH/SKF 1 million kilometre/three year guarantee, as well as a new European range of axles in various configurations, including the 146 mm round beam. The cream on top will be
the release of the truly innovative Weweler MBS suspension in late 2009 and
early 2010.

“There is a great amount happening at Fuwa K Hitch at the moment. This really is only the tip of the iceberg in what is going to be a very big 18–24 months in our company’s future,” Chris says.