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Queensland Truck & Machinery Show 2009

QLD truck show09As a leading supplier of axles, fifth wheels, king pins and other components to the Australian Transport Industry, Fuwa K Hitch very much enjoyed themselves at this year’s show.

Fuwa displayed its cast designed mechanical suspension, TI air suspension from the Integra Series, TA air suspension from the TA-250 Series, a range of landing legs, its Highway Master fifth wheel and its unitised hub.

However, taking centre stage at the Fuwa stand was new family member Weweler and its modular bolt-on suspension. The modular construction of this system means that it can be coupled with virtually any axle, regardless of manufacturer, type or size.

As part of a new agreement, Fuwa K Hitch will have exclusive distribution rights in Australia for the entire Weweler range.

Based in the Netherlands, Weweler has been in operation for 85 years and its high-tech manufacturing plant in the Dutch city of Apeldoorn is totally ISO certified. Weweler also has distributors all over the world, including in New Zealand, Saudi Arabia,
South Africa, Spain and the United States.