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Technology leadership


Fleet management and workshop staff, existing and future clients, operation and workshop managers, technicians, and training managers – all of us need to polish up our technical knowledge from time to time, or add to it by learning about a new product or technology.

At FUWA K-Hitch, we understand that technical training is a continual process of enhancing skills, capabilities and knowledge, and that it is crucial for organisational development and success.

To ensure you receive first-hand information that will make a real difference to your business, FUWA-K-Hitch set out to create a comprehensive library of truck and trailer training content – starting with a video guide on how to change a wheel bearing.

As an advocate of the use of online media in training and education, FUWA K-Hitch’s fundamental goal is not only to educate our industry, but also to inspire it to embrace the use of new media in today’s educational process.

Our brief, high quality videos therefore also showcase Fuwa K-Hitch’s leadership in the field of multi-media learning, while firmly establishing the brand as a leading name in axle technology.

Over the next 12 months, we will create a complete online training curriculum, utilising videos, graphics, animations, and interactions to keep the recipient engaged throughout the learning process..

I. Wheel bearing adjustment

In the age of just-in-time delivery and GPS tracking, downtime has become a luxury no transport business can afford. Therefore it is crucial to check the wheel bearing end float every 10,000 km and adjust it if required to avoid an unpleasant surprise out in the field.