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Working together for a better product

working-together-image-oneThe relationship between Colron Industries and Fuwa K-Hitch is proving highly worthwhile, together they are delivering their customers with the best combination of low loader trailers and axles they can.

The heavy haulage industry relies on transport equipment that is reliable and can take some punishment in an occasionally unfriendly environment. Trailer manufacturers depend on their parts manufacturers providing products that are suited to heavy haulage trailers, not only in quality and performance, but also in their ability to cut maintenance time and costs.

working-together-image-threeFuwa K-Hitch has been Lusty by Colron Industries’ main choice of axles, suspension and turntables for the past 2 years, and according to Managing Director John Lusty, it has been very rewarding for both companies.

“We have been using K-Hitch axles on our non-steer low loaders and have had no issues whatsoever. We’ve been working together with K-Hitch to get the right product match with the right low loader and in some cases we design a low loader around K-Hitch products.”

“The K-Hitch spring and airbag suspension is a good match on our standard tri axle deck widening low loaders which use a through beam chassis and allows us to get the deck height under a meter using the 19.5 inch axles.”

The K-Hitch unitised bearing axle, combined with the Colron nil grease suspension system is a match made in maintenance heaven, according to John. “Our nil grease hydraulic equalising suspension system uses sealed bushes that don’t require any greasing. Combined with the K-Hitch unitised bearing disc brake axles, it makes for a suspension and axle combination that is virtually maintenance free”.

Fuwa K-Hitch Queensland State Manager, Jayson Federico agrees, “Our unitised axles have been very popular over the past few years and have now been tried and proven to be very successful in keeping maintenance costs down along with time spent off the road.”

“The unitised axles work very well with Colron’s nil grease hydraulic suspension. It made sense to have an axle that could offer the same sort of advantages. We offer a 3 year 1 million kilometre warranty on our unitised bearing axles which can give the owner piece of mind in being sure the trailer will be out working instead of being worked on.”

working-together-image-twoAll Colron Industries trailers come standard with K-Hitch turntables. The broad range of Fuwa K-Hitch turntables caters for Colron’s entire range of semi trailers and low loaders.

“At K-Hitch we have a wide range of turntables to suit a variety of applications and requirements. These vary from non adjustable and adjustable to greaseless and greasable, highway to heavy duty mining,” adds Jayson.

“We can supply turntables from 174 kN to a 300 kN double oscillating. We manufacture an extra wide turntable which is 100mm wider than a standard turntable, this helps provide extra stability by positioning the turntable pedestals further out over the chassis rails. This can be beneficial not only for low loaders but also for stock crates, side tippers and tankers. With so many different low loaders available in the Colron range, we’ve had the call to use several different models from our turntable arsenal over the years.”

“Fuwa K-Hitch is also able to provide Colron with other products to compliment its trailers, such as Argo Bogies and Rows of Eight axles. At Fuwa K-Hitch, we have our own engineering team in Australia and along with our engineering department and manufacturing plant in China, we can work in close with our customers on specific design needs and applications. Since the customers are dealing direct with the manufacturer we are able to provide products and solutions to the many varied applications and conditions found in our Australian market.”